Our Rental Cars

Our rental vehicules are classified by categories and available in all our stations.
Our fleet is regularly renewed.
We thus assure you the maximum reliability for you to take the road safely.

Cat. AD : Economy Car

Cat. AA : Micro city car

Cat. A : City car

Cat. AE : Electric city car

Cat. B : Supermini

Cat. BA : Supermini automatic

Cat. BE : electric supermini

Cat. C : Compact SUV

Cat. CA : Compact  Automatic

Cat. CC : Convertible

Cat. CE : Electric compact car

Cat. D : SUV

Cat. D7 : 7 seater Minivan

Cat. E : premium sedan

Cat. EC : Premium convertible

Cat. F : Premium 7 seater

Cat. G : Premium SUV

Cat. H : Town car

Cat. HE : Electric town car

Cat. M : 9 Passengers van

Cat. MA : Premium van

Cat.P : Pick-up 4×4