Our Rental Trucks

Our utility vehicles are grouped by category and available at all our rental agencies throughout Provence. Olympic Location offers a wide selection of utility vehicles as well as a range of specific vehicles for your moving needs, professional rentals, merchandise transport, and more.

Cat. 03

Cat. 03D

Cat. 03e

Cat. 04

Cat. 04e

Cat. 06

Cat. 06D

Cat. 07

Cat. 08

Cat. 12

Cat. 12D

Cat. 15

Cat. 20

Cat. 20h

Cat. 34

Cat. 35

Cat. 35D

Cat. 35pv

Cat. 12N

Cat. 03f

Cat. 04f

Cat. 06f

Cat. 08f

Cat. 12f

Cat. 04rf

Cat. 03f

Cat. 06f

Cat. 12f

Cat. 04rf